Preparing your website's content

Preparing the content for your new website can be overwhelming. It's hard to know where to begin. We've put together a Website Content Checklist to help get you started. It will guide you through the various decisions of a typical website. If the Checklist doesn't give you enough guidance, we also have more comprehensive Do-It-Yourself Content Development Guidelines in either a long form or a short form.

If you have promotional material of any kind for your product or service, that's also an excellent place to begin. Whether you have a full-blown marketing package, a brochure, or just a business card, you've established at least a start on branding yourself or your business. Of course, the beauty of a website is that it's virtually limitless - you can go far beyond the capacity of anything but the most extensive printed catalogue...and you can make changes to it anytime you want!

Writing and Editing Services

If you prefer not to write your own content, we offer high-caliber writing services. We'll write in a style that suits the image you'd like to project, in concise, grammatically correct, well-composed language.

Whether you do the writing or we do, we also offer editing services to ensure that your website makes the best impression possible for you or your business. We will check for spelling errors and if you like, we'll offer suggestions for clarification, punctuation or grammar. We'll tread lightly though, careful not to change your voice in our editing.

Photographic Services

Depending on your location, we offer professional photographic services. We can provide photographic images, in prints or as digital files, suitable for printed brochure or catalog use, as well as for your website. We can also provide professional photo editing, enhancing and digital manipulation services.

Graphic Art Services

We offer both traditional and digital graphic art services. One of the principals of NEWebArt is a skilled watercolor painter and illustrator who is also adept at digital imaging in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. We can design custom graphics for your business from icons or logos to illustrations and layouts.

Efficient, Friendly and Responsive Service

Regardless of which of our services you decide on, we will always do our utmost to insure satisfaction in every respect. We pride ourselves on timely delivery. We'll bend over backwards to be helpful, creative and transparent in every aspect of your job.

We look forward to working with you!