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March 6, 2012

A Portrait of My Good Friend, Sharon

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So even though we didn’t have much snow in Upstate New York this year (I love working on my pastel paintings while the snow is softly falling outside my windows) I have so far managed to get four new paintings finished. I have to confess that I trashed two others. I have a tendency to overwork my pastels and sometimes it gets out of control and the painting becomes irretrievable. I wish I could tell sooner when a portrait is just never going to make it – it would save a lot of pastel and hours of my time! Here is a picture of my dear friend, Sharon. As typically happens when I photograph a painting, it is more contrast-y looking here than it really is. It is my favorite portrait to date. I am hoping to get one more little boy named Cooper finished before the season is over. And yikes! I have to get working on the tax return!

My friend, Sharon, in pastel

And here is the photograph I used as a model:

Model Photograph of Sharon

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